Ebersgrube 11, 35080 Bad Endbach, Germany


Funding Recent Expansions (Phases I and II)

The current fundraising target is primarily school renovation, buying things for the school like beds, cupboard, dining table , benches, table & chairs for the classroom, kitchen utensils, etc.


How to donate ?

The easiest way to donate is to make a payment right here, using any major payment card, or PayPal. You can make a single donation or a recurring monthly donation (cards only).


Donations by bank transfer

The information needed to send money directly from your bank is available below. To save money on transfer fees, you might like to use TransferWise.

Bank Transfer Information

Account Holder: MainHeim e.V., (Officially registered as a non-profit organisation)

IBAN: DE24 5065 0023 0053 0126 47


Bank Name: Sparkasse

Branch: Hanau

Website: sparkasse-hanau.de


Have an idea that might help?

If you have an idea about how we can reach our goal more quickly, or if you would like to make a loan proposition, email us at sahajaschoolgermany@gmail.com or contact@rama-school.org


Below you can find the registration and financial documents.
As a non-profit organisation we will issue you a confirmation of your donation for your tax repayment process.