Ebersgrube 11, 35080 Bad Endbach, Germany



The position (s) of Dorm-in-Charge would ideally be filled by a married couple who can come and live at Rama School boarding house and are able to make a commitment of at least two years. Single yogis and yoginis are also encouraged to apply. The Dorm-in-Charge is key for the smooth running of all aspects of dorm life: the spiritual, emotional, physical and social aspects of the students’ lives. They are supported and managed by our dynamic dorm staff. As dorm-in-charge, the selected individual (s) will oversee all these aspects of the day-to-day life of the student, both directly and indirectly, by managing a small team of dorm aunties and uncles who also work in the dorms. The Dorm-in-Charge will receive a monthly stipend of …… .monthly, as well as full room and board.

Besides having a genuine love of adolescents and tweens, successful applicants must:

  • Be established, balanced yogis with experience living and working collectively

  • Be able to work with vibrations, with sound Sahaj knowledge

  • Be able to organize the Sahaj life of the children: meditation, clearing, knowledge

  • Have three strong recommendations from established yogis

  • Have experience working with youth

  • Have a personality which is calm, reasonable, patient, joyful yet firm, and level headed during times of crisis

  • Be able to manage others with fairness and love

  • Be organized and able to organize others: handle dorm related matters including drug administration, health issues, and accidents

  • Oversee other dorm staff and report to the Principal / Society

  • Have considerable energy required to manage boisterous, energetic youth

Ideal candidates would also have a good command of the English language, good communication and counselling skills, will be able to make a two-year commitment to the school, and have a driver’s license.