Ebersgrube 11, 35080 Bad Endbach, Germany

English Curriculum

English classes help students sharpen their critical thinking, writing, reading and analysis skills. It develops their way of thinking and communicating with the international environment around them. Beside this, in Sahaj context, the English language is the language in which Shri Mataji communicates with us, the language for our spiritual knowledge. Yes, our kids will learn how to read, write and understand English but the main focus, our mission is to teach children the true meaning of ‘big’ words and enable them to act according to dharma.

Our requirements correspond completely with the Common European Framework of References for Foreign Languages.

At the end of grade 7 students acquire at least level A2 while being able to communicate as proficient users at level B2 at the end of the 10th grade.

Exams for Cambridge language certificates can be taken externally if desired at any stage starting with grade 8.