Ebersgrube 11, 35080 Bad Endbach, Germany


Sahaj principal

Rama School is looking for the best sahaja principle ever!

If your heart is open like a lotus flower,

If you have sustainable vibrational power,

If you already taught in a sahaj school somewhere,

Your focused attention can be everywhere,

You can multitask and also be fast,

If you have patience and care that last,

If German and English for you very easy,

As Rama school’s principal you could be busy!


Areas of work

Team engagement and management; supporting staff by providing guidance, establishing processes and overseeing operations.


Administration and management; Managing all administrative elements of running a small school and ensuring operations run smoothly



  • Develop and implement fundraising strategies, campaigns and events

  • Design and produce promotional materials

  • Raise awareness of the school’s mission, vision, work, goals, and financial needs

  • Carry out fundraising projects to the conclusion

Partnerships / external relationships and development work; Responding to emerging opportunities, and seeking out platforms or allies to promote the school’s interests.

Skills and experience

• Excellence in strategic thinking and planning, demonstrating an entrepreneurial sense, and ability to respond quickly to developments in the external environment whilst delivering a long-term strategy

• Good networking skills, with strong existing networks in the Sahaja collective and in the educational field.

• Strong communication skills, with expert communication skills and experience of influencing or advocacy

• Good leadership skills and the ability to enthuse, encourage, and facilitate       collaboration among a broad range of stakeholders

• Proven success in fundraising is a big plus

• Previous management experience

• Experience in financial management and budget development skills

• A high level of administration and IT skills, including MS Office

• Excellent spoken and written English

• Plus if spoken and written German(Not Mandatory)

How to apply?

Please email your CV and an application letter to sahajaschoolgermany@gmail.com , explaining:

• Your motivations for applying

• Your suitability for the role

• What you feel you would bring to the organization at this particular starting time

• The names of two referees