Ebersgrube 11, 35080 Bad Endbach, Germany

Shri Mataji’s Message

The Sahaja Yogis are industrious and hardworking. They cannot sit idle. They have to work for this school. Even in the Trust Deed (of the Life Eternal Trust) it has been mentioned that we shall establish and run schools. There is a great difference between a Sahaja Yoga school of our concept and the other schools. Our school will lay stress mainly on religion. It is not that in our school we will merely explain what is the Hindu religion or what is Muslim religion etc. Our school will teach the true religion. Not only that but the people should be convinced and imbibed with the true religion. You understand many things about discipline, moral etc. without specifically being taught. In the schools the teachers have to threaten the use of cane and only then the students learn matters of importance. In Sahaja Yoga it is entirely different. Many newsmen wonder and ask me as to how Sahaja Yoga has produced so many scholars. They say whenever they discuss with any sahaja yogi, he talks like a pundit. They are surprised as to how you are all transformed into the image of Sant Kabirdas. The answer is simple. In Sahaja Yoga the intellect becomes sharp and pointed like the needle. Not only that, but the whole store of knowledge itself is wide open before you. If so, someone may ask what is the necessity for a school ? I will give an example. A person may have. no knowledge of painting. He can even then tell you the different colours or the colour combination in the painting. But unless you have the special skill, you cannot produce the different combinations and give form to the painting. You may call it the technique. Unless you know that technique, you cannot give proper shape to your work. Without the technique it remains without any shape. Therefore, in order to give your work the proper shape, you ought to know the technique, The students of our school will be thought the proper technique. In the first place, the knowledge of Shri Vidya or pure knowledge will be imparted to the students of this school. Pure knowledge means knowledge which enables you to stabilise the Kundalini, the knowledge of giving bandhans, as also the knowledge of giving self- realisation to others, such knowledge will be imparted here. You may be surprised that many realised people and great Gurus I have met, are not aware of Shri Vidya. They are great realised souls and yet they are unaware of Shri Vidya. They do not even know how to raise the Kundalini. They do not know the Chakras or the process of cleaning the chakras. The vibrations do their work. What is however necessary is the control over their movement or the manoeuvring. This will be the principal subject in our School. This knowledge will be imparted to every student of the school from his early childhood.

In the second place education is necessary for earning a livelihood. In Sahaja Yoga there is no sanyas or renunciation of wordly ties. You have to achieve your object while leading a normal life. There has to be non-attachment to worldly pleasures while leading a normal life. Therefore, education is also necessary for leading a wordly life. Moreover, in order to convey your knowledge to others, you must know the science of the alphabets and the language. Therefore, arrangements for imparting such knowledge are also to be made. Taking all these matters into consideration, we are going to establish a highly cultured school. For that purpose after reverential bowing to the eldest brother Shri Ganesha, let us worship him. It is Shri Ganesha who gives wisdom to all. It is Shri Ganesha who shows the way to use that wisdom and to remain immersed in that wisdom.

“Expert from 1983-1211 Speech at school, Chowk”